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Gist :-Will Future houz music live/work without IGbeats?








seen such headline is surprising right? all you have to do is to read down below the details as reported:-

Will Future houz music live/work without IGbeats?

On the 8th of June 2019 around 10am, news reached us that Future Houz Music was Burgled & properties wey stolen.

Igbeat being the manager of this Huge star for about three (3) years Approximately Without any security issues arising from within, this was a shocker for the management. On Arrival of the CEO Future Houz Music, he arrested IGbeats whom have been a Headline for this Label saying that”That incident was staged“With no proof, He told the police that IGbeats did burgle into his studio & picked his properties (Sources withheld)
It was letter discovered that not only the studio was burgled on that very night of this incident…… Although IGbeats having being in police custody for two weeks since the day of this incident.

Today been 20th of June, the police have proceeded with this allegation to court.

now our focus and question is Will Future houz music work without IGbeats?

Stay tuned for more update after the court

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