[Breaking News] youngkorzy plead for peace in between TIV and JUKUN



Youngkorzy the motivator blogger has come again in between Tiv and Jukun calling for peace and unity  today reported by 9jashows.

according to the report we receive from the recent clashes between tiv and jukun i feel sad hearing this so call gist but before i call it a gist i realise it was no longer  gist but reality  which is black in quality.

now taking a look at how tiv and jukun are related and how they do things together they support to forget the past and face the present living which is boldly and widely known as christians lives.

as we all know back in 1990s there was a vital clashes between tiv and jukun which lately end in 2000 as a result of all these i have a constant believe that known of this two ethics group enjoy the war either all of them have side effect as a result of discomfort.

i stand in between tiv and jukun today with following  common element we share together as brothers and sister which support to lead us not to capsid but everlasting peace and unity.


*We are all farmers {Our major source of living}

**We are all christians {as nature demands}

*** we fought boko haram’s together {as religious demands}

**** we share boundaries in between benue and taraba etc.

with the following points of mine i plead for peace in between tiv and jukun of kwararafa kingdom base.

we all know that no one among the two ethnics is afraid of war but all we need and seek for is peace and unity we need not discomfort ….

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