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IGbeat the backbone of immaculate record studio is back again on this one he Blast Benue state show organizers one his facebook timeline  for there selfish life by express how he feel when Benue  state shows organizer call for a show without paying a shilling to upcoming artist….WHAT A SELFISH LIFE?…

he go on by saying ……what barfs me most is that they will organized a gate fee show and be expecting artist to come in and perform freely without giving them even transport money not even talking of studio section money… please benue state show organizer fixed up you life things are not done this way in this 21 century you people knows that we spend allot in cause of given out a good music just forget the fact for me been a producer just take a look at those one that paid for every step before releasing a single track….

And the worst part of this is that even the Mc’s are corrupt in the industry will you believe me that at time after spending your own transport as an artist for the sake of love attending the show you might end up not performing even a single track only in the the name of discrimination the MC will be busy calling people who are related to him such like friends, family members, ethics, norms and religion etc after they might have finished all there evil arrangement they will come out boldly given you an artist one reason to the other but imagine if had the been they paid you as an artist such a shit will never happen.

in addition he said i like helping hustlers like me that is why i do try much as possible to set a free a studio section once or twice a month in other to help the less privileges

please benue state show organizers fixed up yours life for better future let build our own middle bet lagos…

thanks allot. take it or you live i have made up mu mind on my timeline …

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